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BOL X Doisy and Dam: hosting the perfect plant-based dinner

You’ve committed to Veganuary, but now you’re panicking about the dinner you’ve promised your friends. Or perhaps you’re a seasoned Vegan, but your family aren’t keen on the lifestyle. In either case, hosting can be hard. Which is why, along with our friends at @doisyanddam, we’ve pulled together this handy guide.

Read below, plus head over to Instagram @bolfoods to WIN the products mentioned.

Focus on flavour

Dinner parties should be delicious. They’re a chance to impress friends and family with great tastes, interesting recipes, and something vastly different from the usual weeknight choices. We designed our dinner box range for the times you fancy some plant-based indulgence, but less of the prep. Inspired by three takeaway classics: Masala, Thai and Tikka, our trio capture all the brilliant flavour – but with added freshness.

Our Cauliflower tikka dinner box features fire roasted cauli, a sublimely creamy daal and a bed of signature turmeric infused grains. We’ve swapped out chicken for chickpeas. We promise you (and your guests) won’t miss it: a few of these and you’ve got dinner in the bag.

Feeling fancy? Dice up fresh coriander and scatter a handful of chilli for some real Indian zing. View the full range here:

Vegan doesn’t have to mean Veg

If you know BOL, you’ll know we’re all about hero-ing vegetables. In fact, some of our products pack 4 of your 5-a-day in each container. (We’re looking at you, Butternut & Chilli power soup..) However, when you’re on dinner duty for non-veg enthusiasts, it’s often a good idea not to go too heavy on the wholefoods. Taste and flavour are the focus of our dinner boxes, but they’re still good for you. Don’t worry – we’re not letting you break your healthy new year resolutions quite yet…

Chocolate. Always.

The sharing bag: the saviour of any evening soirée. Doisy and Dam have a selection of everything from dark chocolate drops, dark chocolate peanuts and dark chocolate buttons. Their bars are a real ode to quality cocoa: made with minimal ingredients, exciting flavour combinations and always lovingly sourced. We love their Maple, toasted rice & pink salt bar and the Maca, vanilla & cacao bar. Our all time favourite however, goes to their smooth Truffles with a pinch of salt: new to the D&D family, but with the same natural ingredients and zero palm oil. You’re guaranteed a table of happy diners after handing out any of the above.
Shop here:

So, it’s official. You’re well on your way to head chef status.
We’d love to see your dinner pics – send them in to our Instagram at!

Eat Plants, Love Life.
Team BOL x