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New Year? New launches.

2021 was our busiest year yet. Our team grew, as did our product ranges and we couldn’t be prouder of all the work we put in to bringing the BOL mission to life: inspiring the world to Eat More Plants. As we welcome a new year, what better time to release some brand-new plant-powered innovation. 

Introducing our four latest launches, coming to stores this January.
We think these could be our most exciting to date…

PROTEIN BOOSTING Creamy chick’n power soup

It’s Creamy Chicken soup. We’ve just removed a vowel (and the chicken.) 
Close your eyes and breath in the familiar, comforting aroma of a well-loved meal. Never ones to mess with tradition, we’ve kept all the warming flavours and comforting scents of the family favourite. It’s so true to form you’ll barely notice the sneaky plant-powered switch - swapping out chicken for tender, shredded jackfruit. True to BOL fashion, we’ve also snuck in a little extra veg: hearty potato, butternut squash, leeks and cannellini beans, plus a classic mix of herbs. Healthy, hearty and highly addictive... 

We’ve struck the perfect balance of comfort and nourishment in this recipe. More than just a winter warmer, this protein boosting BOL offers all the cosy flavours of your childhood favourite, but with 2 of your 5-a-day and 13 grams of plant-powered protein. Our innovative addition of shredded jackfruit contributes all the hearty texture you’d expect, alongside fibre, magnesium, potassium and antioxidants aplenty. After all, it wouldn’t be a power soup without some plant-power.

Vanilla, Almond & Oats power shake

There's really nothing 'vanilla' about this vanilla shake. Cool, creamy and irresistibly smooth, this dairy free dream blends oats, banana, almond and coconut, married together by velvety vanilla notes. One for the empty stomached early bird, the sweet toothed snacker and the constant grazer alike. The versatile flavour profile and top quality nutrition of this shake makes Vanilla, Almond and Oat a trusty companion for every kind of eater. It’s plant-powered nourishment with heavenly taste.

It’s time to bid farewell to mornings of soggy cereal and dry toast. Greet your day with taste and ingredients worth smiling about - ticking off 10 grams of protein, and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals before you’ve even stepped foot on the tube. Oats are the hearty, nutrient-dense hero of the breakfast world. We’ve added in some almonds for your hit of healthy fats and protein, followed by banana for that all important potassium and B6 boost. After just one sip you’ll likely have forgotten it’s Monday.

 Mediterranean pesto pasta Fresh Veg Pot

Twists of gemelli pasta, sharp bites of sunblush tomatoes and chunks of chargrilled peppers, swirled through a classically creamy pesto sauce of sweet garlic, fragrant herbs and buttery spinach. Gloriously rich, summertime flavours balanced with the cooling crunch of green goodness. Enjoy cold in the summer sun, or heat up for those wintery work from home days. Equally delicious, either way.

We’ve layered up all our favourite things in this recipe, and left you the satisfying job of swirling it all together in our velvety plant-based pesto. Cabbage, spinach, tomato, red onion and courgette, have been diced, sliced and whizzed up to ensure a mix of vibrant veg finds its way into every mouthful. And atop great flavour, is even greater nutrition. Each pot guarantees a healthy hit of plant protein, with 13 grams packed in every Pot, as well as a boost of fibre.

Japanese BBQ teriyaki rice Fresh Veg Pot

Hungry for something more than the standard lunch offering? Our latest Fresh Veg Pot is exactly that. Find a flavour adventure in every forkful and bring some eastern excitement to your next meal. We’ve combined all the sticky-fingered delight of a summer barbecue in our teriyaki glaze, balanced with the fresh bite of a crunchy carrot and cabbage slaw; layered on a wholesome bed of long grain rice and black barley. A true celebration of sweet and savoury, with that dependable BOL nourishment. This layered lunchtime delight is as satisfying to eat as it is to look at. And as you might expect, this is a Pot full of Veg.

Colourful carrot, red cabbage and broccoli are the stars of this dish, giving it all the character of Japanese cuisine - enhanced by notes of miso, chilli and sweet, smokey teriyaki. Your one-stop-pot to satiating protein, energising carbohydrates and essential fats and fibre. Now time to relish in those 3, fuss-free microwave minutes.

So… Which are you trying first?

Eat Plants, Love Life.
Team BOL x