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Why everyone is talking about 30 plants a week

We’ve been unashamedly plant obsessed since we launched in 2015, and eight years later, we still get just as excited at the chance to talk about them. Variety is the spice of life, and getting more plants (30 to be precise) into your weekly diet is an absolute game changer. Improve your gut health, boost your immunity, and start exploring the endless banging taste combinations. If you haven’t heard of the ’30 plants a week’ challenge, allow us to get you up to speed.

We’re reading new studies every day on the power of plant variety, and the experts are suggesting 30 plant points a week is the magic number to better health. From a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, improved gut health and better weight management – why wouldn’t you try it?

30 plants a week might sound overwhelming, but what if you could get this in lunch and dinner alone? Just two of our plant-powered recipes can smash your challenge in a matter of minutes. 

Our kicking Korean Sweet Chilli Fresh Noodle Pot packs 25 plants, with fresh kale, pak choi, and some smoky bbq-style paprika spiced chickpeas. Add a Coconut Lentil Turmeric Daal One Pot Meal on top of that, and you’ve secured another 19 plants: brimming with South Indian spices, lentils, chunky Bombay-style potatoes and spinach, all swirled through wonderfully warming turmeric, ginger, and coconut sauce.

Check out all our recipes here and enjoy 30 plants, made easy.

Team BŌL x