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Soup, the new juice?

Our Founder Paul is calling it now: souping is the new juicing. And we think he’s probably right. They really are a deliciously quick way to fill up on plant protein; support your immune system; and souper-charge your day with natural energy. So, with the help of our plant-based experts, superstar chefs and nutritionists, we’ve embarked on a mission to make soup a bit more sexy. Enter: new 600g power soups. Now available at Ocado, Tesco and direct from our very own
We couldn’t have worked harder on making this range the freshest tasting, most functional and wholesome quartet possible. Because of this, we think they deserve a bit of attention, so we’ve put together an ingredient spotlight to showcase the power of plants. Read up below.

Garden pea & spinach
It’s time the pea got a bit more recognition. We’ve levelled up the classic flavour combination to get you more than just your daily greens. Our Garden pea & spinach power soup packs an almost  unbelievable 36 grams of plant protein, 42 grams of fibre and 4 of your 5-a-day. Grab a spoon, let’s dive in.
Peas: Technically a legume, peas are in the same family as lentils, beans and peanuts, which explains all the protein (over 5 grams per 80 gram serving.) They’re rich in fibre, potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin B, all helpful for the management of blood sugar, digestion, and even heart health.
Spinach: A one stop shop for your protein, fibre, calcium, iron, folate and vitamin C. The endless list of nutrients found in this leafy green can contribute to bone, heart and optic health as well as providing a boost to your overall energy. 
Courgette: With more water content than a watermelon, courgettes are great for hydration as well as being an excellent source of natural sugar and electrolytes. The dark green exterior is also full of potassium and vitamin C.
Cannellini Beans: We all know beans are great for protein, but unlike meat they provide a low fat, high fibre focus to mealtimes. When it comes to soup they’re a great addition for texture – bringing a bit of bite to your bowl.

Roasted red pepper & tomato
Forget everything you know about tomato soup: we’re transforming the family favourite from starter to main event. Revisit the warming flavours we all know and love, this time with 23 grams of plant protein, 19 grams of fibre and 2 of your 5-a-day. But we don’t just deliver on health, this is absolutely divine – bursting with sun drenched tomatoes, lentils and roasted red peppers.
Tomato: Tomatoes contain carotenoids like lutein and beta-carotene: great for maintaining good eye health and preventing the impact of UV damage on the skin. They are also rich in vitamin K which is needed for blood clotting and wound healing.
Red pepper: Along with their vibrant colour, bell peppers contain antioxidants (associated with better protection against conditions like cancer and heart disease.) They have particularly high levels of vitamins C and E.
Garlic: B6, manganese, selenium and vitamin C are just a few on a very long list of health benefits found in garlic. It also has an interesting history of being used as a means to fight infections and viruses. Basically, put it in everything.

Creamy corn & sweet potato
Move over ginger shot, we’ve made something to rival to the infamous immune booster – minus the facial expressions. Made entirely by nature, this tastes unnaturally delicious. It’s rich, wonderfully sweet and has a butter-like silkiness: a team BOL favourite. We recommend eating with your eyes closed to escape rainy London, even just for a lunchtime. 15 grams of protein, 13 grams of fibre and 2 of your 5-a-day, plus heaps of vitamin A, B, C and iron that all help in supporting vision, skin and overall bone health.
Coconut: More than it’s decadent flavour, coconut cream is a source of protein, antioxidants, phosphorus and magnesium. It’s also high in potassium, something vital for overall cell health, well balanced blood pressure and energy levels.
Sweet Potato: This versatile vegetable brings a lot to the table. In addition to a long list of vitamins and minerals (including B, C, iron and calcium) sweet potatoes are a high dietary fibre ingredient great for digestion.

Corn: Boost your immunity, battle fatigue and stimulate collagen with the vitamin C found in this vegetable. Corn also contains magnesium and potassium: key for healthy muscles and bones.

Sweet potato cauli-daal
Soup gives you wings. That’s the saying, right? This recipe is full to the brim of vitamin A, C, plant protein and healthy fibre, ready to power you through the longest of afternoons. With warming turmeric, hearty beluga lentils and rich coconut cream, this one’s a sure-fire winner for lunch and for dinner.
Turmeric: Ever heard of curcumin? Us neither. But it’s a natural anti-inflammatory compound with antioxidant properties found in this vibrant spice. It may help ease the effects of arthritis, improve cognitive function and support overall immunity.
Cauliflower: A heart friendly cruciferous vegetable. It’s high in choline: essential for cognitive functions like memory and brain development. Cauliflower contains high levels of sulfur: beneficial for gut health and defence against infection.
Beluga lentils: Naturally gluten-free, a source of iron and low in sodium, this legume is another great addition to plant-based dishes and also provides a source of complete protein. Opting for plant protein is recommended for it’s ability to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes.
Learnt something about the power of plants?  We would love to hear your thoughts, stories or any questions you may have. Drop us a DM (@bolfoods) or pop an email over to
Eat plants, love life 🌱
The BOL Team x