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Ready to make sustainable living simpler?

Ready to make sustainable living simpler? So pleased to share our new partnership with PLANTS + PERKS: the world’s first benefits platform that rewards employees with planet friendly rewards. We’ll be in great company, with the likes of Frank Green; Form Nutrition; and Abel and Co. All propelling a mission of helping 10 million employees to live healthier and sustainable lives.

Founded by Chloe Sweden and Ellen Chng in 2020, PLANTS + PERKS uses technology underpinned by rewards and gamification, both engaging and paying back employees for creating more healthy and sustainable habits. We’ll be giving 100 free samples each week across our five ranges: all 100% plant-based, and deliciously convenient.

We became a B Corp in 2021, but the journey doesn’t stop there: everyone at BŌL is passionate about continuing to seek out new opportunities and projects that further our mission of inspiring the world to eat more plants, and being a business for good. 

Find out more on how to get involved here

Eat plants, love life
Team BŌL