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It's World Vegan Day

At BOL, we know that Mother Nature does it best, which is why every recipe we make has plants at the heart. And 8 years and over 77 million portions of veg later, we still can’t get enough…
In 2018, we dropped meat, fish and dairy from all our recipes after learning that changing to a plant-based diet could mean 75% less climate-heating emissions, water pollution and land use. We wanted to inspire the world to eat more plants, and do our bit for people and planet, so we've stayed proudly plant-powered ever since. But you don't have to be plant-based to enjoy BOL. 
We're big on small changes, so 5 years into our plant-powered journey, we've built up an endless list of ways to squeeze a few more plants into your day.

1. Become a breakfast person:
Why miss the chance to get more goodness into your day? Start the day off right with recipes that feed your best. Our range of Power Shakes are a great place to start, packed with variety and feel-good wholefoods.

2. Go global:
Enjoy all the same great tastes and vibrant spices of your favourite cuisines, but in a plant-based fashion. Our Thai Massaman One Pot Meal takes all the best of Thailand, minus the meat.


3. Souping is the new juicing:
We were amazed just how many great ingredients we could cram into a recipe when we blended it all together. From courgette to mango (yes really), the limit does not exist when it comes to our Power Soups.

No preaching. No judgment. Just plants, made delicious.

Happy World Vegan Day,
Team BOL