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Our top tips for an immunity boost

There’s a lot to love about winter, but it’s not without its struggles. The darker evenings and temperature drop can make for lower moods, but also lower immune systems. So we’ve pulled together an immune boosting guide to make you feel your best this season, and hopefully swerve that office cold that’s circulating (again).

Nourish yourself

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. A diet rich in plant variety is a game changer for your overall wellbeing. Our Immune Boosting Butternut Squash & Chilli Power Soups was designed with this in mind: we’ve packed 22 plant ingredients into each jar, with sweet potato, butternut squash and carrots making up nearly half of the recipe. Bursting with benefits, butternut squash is your one-stop-shop for fibre, beta carotene, potassium and vitamin C. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve sprinkled a dash of turmeric and a generous crack of black pepper for the ultimate antioxidant boost. You’ll bag yourself 210% of your daily Vitamin A in half the jar alone.
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More sleep

Getting a good amount of rest really does wonders for your mind and body, and ensures that you’re fighting fit for whatever winter throws at you. Studies from the National Library of Medicine have even shown that insufficient sleep makes it more likely to catch the common cold or the flu. Truthfully, we’d take any excuse for a power nap.

Less stress
Easier said than done, we know. We’ll save you the science, but stress is proven to dysregulate your immune system, making you more prone to catching winter bugs. Knowing the little ways that help you find calm are really valuable, whether it’s a little less screen time or more fresh air. Read our top Self Care tips here.

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Bring On Life, 
Team BOL