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It's National Homemade Soup Day! Who knew?

There’s truly nothing more comforting than a bowl of your favourite homemade soup. It’s the ultimate nourishment. From your classic creamy chicken; rich tomato; or spicy lentil, there are hundreds of well-loved recipes. And despite the variety, we all seem to have our own favourite.

Has this got you craving a bowl of Grandma’s finest? Us too… But in honour of National Homemade Soup Day, we thought we’d give her a day off. Enter: BOL Power Soups. Close your eyes and breath in the familiar, comforting aroma of your favourite winter warmer, with an added BOL boost. We’ve crafted seven souper plant-based flavours, with a final, functional touch. Feeling lethargic, run-down, or in need of post-workout replenishment? (Or you just fancy some good old comfort food.) Get it from soup... 

IMMUNE BOOSTING Butternut squash & chilli
A silky blend of butternut, carrot, mango and turmeric, creamy coconut and a surprising chilli kick. 

IMMUNE BOOSTING Creamy corn & sweet potato
Bursting with creamy coconut, sweet potato, juicy corn, red pepper and lentil.

PROTEIN BOOSTING Garden pea & spinach
Sweet garden peas blended with creamy courgettes, plus nutty cannellini beans for a bit of body and fragrant basil for a fresh finish.

PROTEIN BOOSTING Roasted red pepper & tomato
Rich, warming and filling, with sun drenched tomatoes, red lentils and roasted red pepper.

PROTEIN BOOSTING Creamy chicken (made with jackfruit)
The same unmistakable flavour, this time made from tender, shredded jackfruit. We’ve added hearty potato, butternut squash, leeks and cannellini beans, plus a classic mix of herbs.

ENERGY BOOSTING Sweet potato cauli-daal
This turmeric infused daal inspired recipe features a hearty mix of beluga lentils, roasted sweet potato, cauliflower and rich coconut cream.

ENERGY BOOSTING Thai Red Coconut Lentil
Fragrant flavours of Thai Lime Leaf, lemongrass and Thai basil; a generous squeeze of lime and an indulgent swirl of coconut cream to finish.

We’ve made it, so you don’t have to. No chopping. No blending. No prepping. Just heat it, and eat it. Tastes just as good as Grandma’s.

Get 15% off today with our code SOUPDAY15, on Or grab a jar in the Tesco plant-based aisle, all year round.

Eat Plants, Love Life.
Team BOL x