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Celebrating National Fitness Day, the BOL way.

Have you heard? It’s National Fitness day. A time for challenging yourself, Drinking BOL power shakes and shouting loud and proud about our amazing partners: Sale Sharks Women. Considering the occasion, it felt like a good opportunity to introduce you the team, and explain a bit about why we’ve partnered up.

Back in October 2020, we became the official sponsors of the women’s team ahead of their first ever season. This included some pretty slick kit branding, nutritional support and extremely excitable pitch-side cheering…
We’ve partnered with the squad for three years, with superstars like World Cup-winning England captain Katy Daley-McLean, to advise them on the benefits of plant based nutrition to enhance their performances on the pitch. Two members are already plant powered athletes: Hannah Field and Jessica Wooden, previously representing England and the USA’s international sides respectively.
Mark Cueto, Commercial Director at Sale Sharks, said: “BOL broke new ground to promote the benefits of plant-based diets, and our women’s side are set on changing the image of their game in the North to deliver more opportunities for female players in the region, so this partnership supports both of our missions. They’re an ideal fit as our first ever principal women’s team sponsor, and I look forward to seeing them debut the all-new BOL sponsored kit.”

Our founder Paul Brown, said: “We’re so excited to have agreed this new deal with Sale Sharks Women, it is the first time we’ve been involved with an elite women’s team at any level. Being a Manchester lad who played for the academy and having been a lifelong fan, this partnership is close to the heart and I’m looking forward to helping them perform at their very best. Our products are an amazing fit for the women’s squad, packed full of protein and can be enjoyed at any time of day. We hope this sponsorship will help continue to raise awareness of sustainable, plant-based diets and support the team in their mission to compete at the top of the Allianz Premier 15s.”
We’re all about encouraging balance. Like lazy Sundays and active Mondays; Wild nights and quiet mornings; Chocolate Peanut Butter and getting all 26 essential vitamins and minerals… This is the idea behind every product range: where ridiculously nutritious meets unbelievably delicious. So why not celebrate with us, raise a bottle to healthy living and say CHEERS to all things chocolatey?  
We would love to hear your thoughts, stories or any questions you may have. Drop us a DM (@bolfoods) or pop an email over to
Eat plants, play rugby, love life.
The BOL Team x