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Breakfast doesn't get better than this

We‘ve been on a mission to help busy people eat well since 2015, and with our Power Shakes we’re bringing you the ultimate breakfast. Expert nutrition. Effortless eating. And some seriously special taste. Here’s how we’re raising the bar at breakfast:

1. Packed with whole foods: From dates to oats to pecans: when it comes to our recipes, you can expect nothing but greatness. We load up every bottle to the lid with whole foods, because quite simply, we know they do it best. 

2. Keeping things real: You won’t see any added sugar, sweeteners, gums, or preservatives on our watch. We only use ingredients that truly feed your best - that means nutrition you can depend on, and taste you can indulge in.

3. Limitless energy: 
Take the lid off long lasting energy with 20+ grams of protein in every bottle. No cravings, crashes or compromises here. 

4. Nutritionally complete: Nutrition can be a minefield, so we’ve made things simple. Each recipe guarantees all 26 essential vitamins and minerals: all the plant-powered goodness you need to nourish your body, and smash your day.

5. Proudly 100% plant-powered: Six years ago we made all our recipes deliciously dairy free, and we’ve never looked back. Our Power Shakes are cool, creamy, and irresistibly smooth: no animal products needed. 

Wake up. Shake up. Show up.
Grab a bottle, and get ready to bring your best.

Bring On Life, 
Team BOL