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2021. Time for a fresh start.

We are so excited to see what 2021 brings.

We are certain that 2021 is a year for fresh starts and, as leaders in the plant based space, BOL will be harnessing the power of Mother Nature to inject much needed colour, goodness and positivity across the UK.

Looking for ideas on how you can have a #BOLfreshstart? Check out how the BOL team are turning over a new leaf with their fresh starts 🌱

Our beautiful Brand Manager Ellie is keeping it fresh by trying new things. Last year Ellie took up cycling and is now basically a pro (we’re not joking). This year Ellie wants to switch up her routine and keep it fresh by practising her drawing. Full of many talents, we know she’ll be a natural.

Tired of doing the same thing day in and day out? Step out of your comfort zone and embrace a change. These don’t need to be expensive, life changing things it can be something as simple as a bold new haircut or taking up meditation for a fresh mind.

Lucy our lovely head of commercial is a constant learner. She wants to use her time more efficiently, step away from her screen and read more. No more late night scrolling, Lucy will be waking up fresh as a daisy.

Daniella our dedicated Quality Technician is getting her groove on, changing up her fitness routine and taking up dancing. Daniella used to be a keen dancer, but life got in the way. Dancing has some major health perks and gives such a good boost both mentally and physically. We are excited to see Daniella prancing through the Veg Pad. That’s what we call Fresh Start Fitness..

Creative queen Kirsty wants the kitchen to have a refresh. Being an all-round amazing mum and cook, Kirsty has been visualizing her dream kitchen. Putting it off on a yearly basis, Kirsty is confident that this will be the year her kitchen has a refresh. We can’t wait to head to Kirsty’s kitchen.

Lastly, there had to be one. Beth opting for what some may say boring but others say as genius. Beth wants a fresh start by spring cleaning, organising and a bit of self-care and we all know what that means, tidy home, tidy mind. Beth heads up Category and will be bringing fresh vibes all round to the category crew.

The wonderful thing about a fresh start is that whatever you may choose, you have the power to create something that is better for you (and kinder to the planet). A fresh start can make you feel like anything is possible and is the perfect opportunity to change an area of your life which you feel made need a fresh start. You can thank us later.

Let us know how you get on and remember to tag us @bolfoods #BOLfoods #TimeForAfreshStart #BOLfreshstart