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The 3 vegan recipes you have to try

BOL is a team of likeminded foodies: from professional pasta eaters, to certified curry connoisseurs, all joined in the mission of inspiring the world to eat more plants. Name a regional dish - you can bet we’ve tried it.
 We like to do things a little bit differently, by putting a plant-powered twist on every plate. From our classically Creamy Japanese Katsu Curry, to our dairy-free delight, the Mediterranean Pesto Pasta. We’ve got a veg-filled vegan recipe to win over the biggest of meat lovers. Keep reading for three of our favourite vegan recipes:  
Protein Boosting Creamy Chick’n Power Soup: 
It’s Creamy Chicken soup. We’ve just removed a vowel (and the chicken.) Close your eyes and breath in the familiar, comforting aroma of a well-loved meal. Never ones to mess with tradition, we’ve kept all the warming flavours and comforting scents of the family favourite. It’s so true to form you’ll barely notice the sneaky plant-powered switch - swapping out chicken for tender, shredded jackfruit.

 Mediterranean Pesto Pasta Fresh Veg Pot:

Herby, buttery, creamy pesto - minus the parmesan. This is a dairy-free delight, with the that same sharp yet silky taste (and none of the carb coma). We’ve layered up all our favourite things in this recipe, and left you the satisfying job of swirling it all together in our velvety plant-based pesto. Cabbage, spinach, tomato, red onion and courgette, have been diced, sliced and whizzed up to ensure a mix of vibrant veg finds its way into every mouthful. 

 Creamy Japanese Katsu Curry Fresh Veg Pot: 

We all know and love a Katsu: indulgent, satisfying and a little bit naughty… until now. Cut the chicken, heavy sauce, but keep all the great taste (plus a healthy hit of veg) and you’ve got a family favourite: transformed. We've combined chargrilled sweet potatoes, brown rice and edamame beans in a silky sauce with hints of warming ginger. Making this vegan recipe the perfect balance of sweet, savoury, spicy and creamy.

Got a dish you’d like us to transform into a vegan recipe? We’re all ears. Just drop us an email at, or leave a message on any of our social channels - @bolfoods.   
Eat plants, love life.
Team BOL x