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Meet our Tikka with a twist

Eat bright. Eat right. Landing this autumn, is the a new wave of BŌL innovation: more beautiful, feel-good meals to lift those dark evenings, boost wellbeing, and cosy up when the weather gets cooler. Made with love, and packed with ingredients to make your taste-buds smile. Ready to meet our Tikka with a twist?

Warming, aromatic, and artfully spiced, enveloped in that irresistible, indulgent sauce: Tikka Masala is a crowd-pleasing curry, and for good reason. The wonderfully warming, rich, orange dish is the inspiration between this Fresh Veg Pot: but we’ve made it meatless. With every pot, we’ve lovingly layered all the best bits, but supercharged the nutrition: with two of your five-a-day, more than double the fibre, and a fraction of the fat of your average Chicken Tikka Masala Ready Meal. Dig into gunpowder potatoes, spiced chickpeas, and glorious greens. 

Authentic, global tastes are the inspiration behind much of what we do at BŌL. Offering mainstream appeal, this is a foodie’s best kept secret: all the joy of a homecooked curry, with none of the prep, stress, or inevitable food waste. Your fresh alternative to another day of leftovers, or quick fixes with little nutrition, our Fresh Veg Pot range is serving up a healthy, cost conscious take on hot meals. Lovingly developed by the whole BŌL team, we can’t wait for you to taste this  truly game-changing recipe.

Eat plants, love life.
Team BŌL