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Meet Hannah Field: vegan professional rugby player

"My mood’s better, I feel healthier, I have more energy day to day and more mental clarity"

Back in October 2020, BOL Foods became a club partner and proud sponsor of Sale Sharks Women. Rugby has always been huge for BOL and the Brown family with Paul himself playing for the Sale Sharks academy as a young lad.

Today, we give you a bit of an insight into the life of Hannah Field, back row player for Sale Sharks women, and recently turned vegan.

Sale Sharks women team in group photo with BOL tshirts

Watch Hannah Field's interview

How did you first get into playing rugby?

I started rugby quite a while ago, in secondary school. It was touch rugby at school, and when I found out contact rugby was a thing for woman, I immediately went down to my local club and was there every Wednesday until I left union rugby and moved on to Senior.

It must be fantastic for you to have BOL involved with Sale Sharks Women as our main sponsor being a plant based athlete. How long have you been a vegan for?

I haven’t actually been a vegan for too long, I sort of progressed into it. I became a pescatarian about 3 years ago, and then moved on to vegetarianism and then I’ve been a vegan for almost a year.

What’s made you transition to a plant based lifestyle?

Originally it was from an ethical stand point. So my thought process was "if I can’t kill an animal, then why do I deserve to eat it?". That was the starting point. From there I started to notice more and more health benefits, and the more reading up I did on it, the more intriguing it was.

The thought around being a vegan athlete, you’re always met with the ideas of "how do you get enough protein? How do you keep your thighs big enough" – things like that; and I guess being able to do it and trial it out I managed to find ways to make sure that I get the quality of nutrients I need.

Hannah Field has more mental clarity since being vegan

Since changing to this plant based lifestyle, have you seen positive changes to yourself and your mindset, and your body?

Yes I have. You always hear eating well has an impact on your physical and wellbeing, but it wasn’t until I actually did it and tried it that I had the evidence for myself. My mood’s better, I feel healthier, I have more energy day to day and more mental clarity - that’s a really big one for me, I feel more focused.

Do you have a favourite BOL product that you use?

I do – Malaysian Laksa Curry – this is a good one. Nice and creamy, coconut milk – I really do like a nice curry so this one is great.

Hannah Field with Bol Malaysian Laksa Curry

Finally, how do the BOL products fit into your daily routine?

I probably use the BOL power shakes the most because they’re really easy to have on the go and are a good way for me to top up my daily calorie intake. And if I haven’t been too hot on my meal prep, some of the BOL ready made meals are useful too.

We're very proud to be part of Hannah's journey, fueling her with our 100% plant based and vegan meals.

Want to give BOL Foods a go? Try our delicious meal replacement power shakes (delivered to your door) or pick up our salads, super soups, dinner boxes or centrepieces (Whole Roasted Firecracker Cauliflower anyone?) at your local store. You can find your nearest BOL stockist here.

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