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What’s Jackfruit? The plant-based ingredient to fall in love with

Jackfruit: the ingredient that’s taken the plant-based world by storm. But what actually is it? Since launching our Protein Boosting Creamy Chick’n Power Soup, we’ve been asked this a lot. Keep reading for a deep dive on all things jackfruit.
 Native to Southern India, jackfruit is the largest fruit to grow from a tree, worldwide. A Jackfruit can grow up to 200 fruits each year, with a single jackfruit weighing up to 100 pounds. It’s a staple addition to Asian cuisine, but more recently has exploded in the West, particularly as a meat substitution. When cooked, it mimics the texture of succulent, shredded meat. What’s even better, is that it has little flavour on it’s own, making it perfect for spicing, seasoning and marinating to our hearts desire. 
 It’s also the hero behind our Creamy Chick’n Power Soup recipe: the meatiest, meatless soup on the market.  
 Never ones to mess with tradition, we’ve kept all the warming, comforting scents of the family favourite - just minus the Chicken. It’s so true to form you’ll barely notice the sneaky plant-powered switch. We’ve also snuck in a little extra veg: hearty potato, butternut squash, leeks and cannellini beans, plus a classic mix of herbs. Healthy, hearty and highly addictive...
 With 2 of your 5-a-day and 13 grams of plant-powered protein. Our innovative addition of shredded jackfruit contributes all the hearty texture you’d expect, alongside fibre, magnesium, potassium and antioxidants aplenty. After all, it wouldn’t be a power soup without some plant-power.
Fancy giving it a try? Watch our serving suggestion here. Warning: contains mouth-watering content.
 Eat plants, love life
Team BŌL