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It all began with a family passionate about food and their sports-crazed son. He took his talents to California and realised that a whole new world of healthy food awaited discovery…

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the stories, recipes and foodies that inspire us in the exploration of plant-power

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A new week, two new BOL super soups. 🍅 Monday hustle 👊🏻 #backonit #balance #mondaymotivation<a href=https://web.stagram.com/p/Bo83n9tnUI3?utm_source=webstagram&utm_campaign=rss><img src=https://scontent-iad3-1.cdninstagram.com/vp/ddd819804fbead90c4962592fb0d7a30/5C60CB58/t51.2885-15/sh0.08/e35/s640x640/42748829_763476827323373_1917986131652160864_n.jpg></a> Today is #worldmentalhealthday and we spotlight one of our heros @pennybelle, whose energy and enthusiasm struck us immediately: she is magnetic. Her story is a powerful one. After living 30 years of her life struggling with undiagnosed ADHD, the discovery led her to become a powerful voice for those seeking to learn more about the condition and how what you eat can influence mental health 🌱She now blogs and interviews others struggling with similar challenges, creating a community for those seeking to share their experience with ADHD. Head over to our blog from the link in our bio to read the full story 🙏🏻🙌🏻🌱🌈<a href=https://web.stagram.com/p/BowW-iaHVoM?utm_source=webstagram&utm_campaign=rss><img src=https://scontent-iad3-1.cdninstagram.com/vp/ee86b4b0b1257a5f916555d591b18e69/5C4A731A/t51.2885-15/sh0.08/e35/c1.0.764.764/s640x640/42190302_512871045853956_4927821230555070170_n.jpg></a> Yesterday, after the publishing of an important report by the Inter-Governmental panel on climate change, @channel4news interviewed our founder Paul on how eating more plants and less meat can make an incredible difference 🌱🌎. Watch the full interview https://www.channel4.com/news/scientists-warn-of-imminent-climate-catastrophe-without-massive-changes #eatplantslovelife #noplanetb #change #chance<a href=https://web.stagram.com/p/BouNEsSnuqb?utm_source=webstagram&utm_campaign=rss><img src=https://scontent-iad3-1.cdninstagram.com/vp/add7c16784465b93e5a1c5a374fed888/5C4E4640/t51.2885-15/sh0.08/e35/c1.0.1078.1078/s640x640/42833400_264820414171520_7027703679901448112_n.jpg></a> ***EXCITING NEWS*** we have two new super soup recipes hitting the shelves. First correct guess of this one gets a week’s supply of BOL 😉<a href=https://web.stagram.com/p/BouLcylHSvi?utm_source=webstagram&utm_campaign=rss><img src=https://scontent-iad3-1.cdninstagram.com/vp/fd49540f764cf53d52a3ee32b1adf096/5C3D7D8C/t51.2885-15/sh0.08/e35/s640x640/43087034_747549218925515_7502177630316973685_n.jpg></a>
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